Wilderness Medicine

With quick access to the outdoors, Chattanooga is an ideal location to hone your outdoor skills. Within a short drive from town there are numerous rivers, trails, cliffs and caves that lead to a variety of possibilities for fun and adventure. Here at the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga we recognize the unique opportunities available to residents interested in exploring the outdoors and have developed a curriculum to enhance their skills in identifying and treating injuries and illnesses associated with such experiences.


As wilderness medicine may be defined as the practice of medicine in an austere environment, the knowledge and skills acquired through its practice may be beneficially applied in any resource-limited location. Therefore, in addition to traditional wilderness medicine, the curriculum has been designed to cover topics in international medicine, event medicine, EMS, and search and rescue as well.


With such an abundance of outdoor activities, injuries inevitably occur and many end up in our department. While this may be enough of a wilderness experience for some residents, there are other opportunities to put your skills to use, if you choose. For those interested in technical search and rescue Chattanooga Hamilton County Rescue is a very active cave, cliff, and swift water rescue team. There are also many events in the area for which local physicians provide medical support. These events range from full- and half-length Ironman races to rock climbing competitions. Ultimately, if you have an interest in pre-hospital medicine of any sort, the faculty at the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga will support your ambitions.


The wilderness and event medicine programs at the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga are directed by Dr. Doug Gregorie. Dr. Gregorie first became interested in wilderness medicine during a Wilderness First Responder course in college. He continued his pursuit of this passion while in residency at Maine Medical Center and later during a fellowship in wilderness medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. He has traveled to Haiti on medical missions and spent several months treating patients in the Khumbu Valley of Nepal while working for the Himalayan Rescue Association.

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