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Hamilton County EMS logoThe University of Tennesee College of Medicine Chattanooga proudly offers an accredited one-year fellowship in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) sponsored by our Department of Emergency Medicine. This is the first accredited EMS fellowship in Tennessee and continues to be a wonderful opportunity for physicians interested in pre-hospital medicine and transport medicine.


The EMS Fellowship program at UTCOM /Erlanger Health Systems is a well-rounded one-year program covering all aspects of EMS medicine.

Each section of the program emphasizes a different aspect of EMS with related readings and text assignments. This includes major time in the pre-hospital response and setting. Didactic sessions are held weekly to discuss each topic and are facilitated by core faculty during weekly conference days that can be adjusted to fit each individual fellow's needs. 

Journal Club is organized and presented by the fellow on a bi-monthly basis and held at a faculty member's house or as a night out with faculty (depending on work schedules). The fellow will be assisted by assigned core faculty mentorship.

Fellows are also expected to continue practicing clinically within the Emergency Department at Erlanger Health Systems with a monthly obligation of four clinical shifts.

The typical monthly schedule is quite flexible and can be arranged to suit the individual fellow’s needs.  After completing all orientation/training, the fellow will typically have a 12-hour flight shift on Wednesdays, weekly didactics on Thursday morning, and most monthly meetings on Tuesday mornings. He/she is responsible for at least four ED shifts a month that can be done all together or split up based on the fellow’s preference. All other days are free to be used for ground response with HCEMS, research/teaching, responding to SWAT or search and rescue call-outs, or additional ED shifts (with pay) as desired. Weekends are usually free unless working in the ED or on a call-out.


For more information, contact:


Frank Tift, MD, FAEMS, FACEP, EMS Fellowship Program Director

Velvet Green, EMS Fellowship Coordinator


Phone: 423-778-7628

Email:   Velvet.Green@erlanger.org


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Updated  06/28/2020


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