COLSEN: Chattanooga "Only Link Students Ever Need"


  1. Confidential Comments or Concerns from Students (Submit)
  2. 2019 Recruiting Video by Students
  3. UTHSC Academic Bulletin (Catalog) for Chattanooga COM Rotations
  4. 2018-19 Calendar (Clerkships and Electives
  5. 2019-20 Calendar (Clerkships and Electives
  6. M3_Clerkship_Orientation_Powerpoint_rev_262019
  7. 2017-18 Brochure - Medical Student Activities 
  8. Administrative Health Systems Leadership Elective with Kevin Spiegel, Erlanger CEO, Chattanooga:  IDE3-4020/F
  9. Bench Press Flyer 2018
  10. Bursar's Office Webpage (Memphis)
  11. CAPSTONE 2018 Resources
    a)  Capstone schedule January 2018
    b)  Ventilator Links
         (1)  Ventilator Questions for Capstone 2018
    c)  ECG Links
    d)  Writing Orders 2017-2018, Memphis
    e)  PICO Information
         (1)  Asking a Good Question PICO
         (2)  EBM for Med Students - PICO
         (3)  PICO Example
         (4)  PICO Grading Sheet
         (5)  PICO Presentation1
         (6)  UTCOM Chattanooga PICO Presentation
         (7)  PICO Clinical Question Worksheet
         (8)  PICO EBP workbook
         (9)  PICO Understanding Research Studies
    f)  Wheel of Life Template-Work Life Integration 1 pg
         (1)  Addressing Wellness in Residency
    g) Financial Planning  
    h) Culture and Medicine
         (1)  Alicia Mercado's Story - Culture and Medicine
         (2)  Justine Chitsena's Story - Culture and Medicine
         (3)  Mohammad Kochi's Story - Culture and Medicine
         (4)  Robert Phillips' Story - Culture and Medicine
         (5)  Cultural Sensitivity
     i) Disclosure and Apology - Webinar
  12. CHIPS: Chattanooga Healthcare Inter-Professional Society
  13. Clerkship & Elective Goals & Objectives
  14. Combined MD/MBA Program with UTHSC and UTC for UT College of Medicine Students
  15. Curriculum Revision, College of Medicine Memphis Webpage
  16. CV Template for Medical Students
  17. Erlanger Campus Map
  18. Erlanger Map of Parking Areas Surrounding Erlanger Baroness and Children's
    (outer lots where Medical Students can park)
  19. Erlanger Scrubs for Medical Students and Residents
  20. Faculty Advising Information for Medical Student Career Counseling
  21. Financial Aid Information UTHSC
  22. Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools (FIRST)
  23. Forms:  Medical Students
  24. GHHS Information
    GHHS Nomination Process and Survey-2019 Inductees
    GHHS 2018 Induction Program
    GHHS 2018 Ceremony
    GHHS Induction Ceremony Photo
  25. Graduation Checklist
  26. Graduation Information
  27. Handbook for Medical Students in Chattanooga
  28. Health Services Policy
  29. Housing and Amenities (Hayden Place Apartments for up to 28 students)
  30. JANUS: Journal of Narrative Medicine at UTHSC 
  31. LSP Longitudinal Scholars Project
  32. LifeBridge Chattanooga - Physician Well-Being Initiative (including Medical Students)
  33. Match Day 2018
    Match Day Celebration 2018 
  34. MD/MBA Combined Program with UTHSC and UTC for UT College of Medicine Students
  35. Medical Student Administrative Guidelines
  36. Medical Student Clearance Form
  37. Medical Student Meetings in Chattanooga
  38. Medical Student Program Evaluation Form
  39. New Innovations Login for Duty Hours and Evaluations (institution login UTHSC)
  40. Office of Faculty Affairs Webpage (Memphis)  (901-448-5313)
  41. Office of Graduate & Medical Student Education (Chattanooga)
    • Courtney Orloski, Medical Student Services Specialist (423-778-7442 or
    • Pamela D. Scott, C-TAGME, Director, Graduate & Medical Student Education
      (423-778-7442 or
  42. Office of Medical Education Webpage (Memphis) (901-448-5506)
  43. Office of Student Affairs Webpage (Memphis)  (901-448-5684)
  44. OLSEN Webpage (Memphis)
  45. One Stop Shop Link for UTHSC Students
  46. 2019 Orientation to M3 Clerkships, 2-12-2019
  47. Orientation to M4 year (Class of 2020)
  48. Personal Educational Portfolio Template for Medical Students
  49. PCM Opportunities, Updated 2/6/2018
  50. PCM hours submission form Updated 2/2019
  51. PCM So You Want to Apply to Medical School
  52. Policy for Excused Absences
  53. Policy for Excused Absences for Presentations
  54. Registrar's Office (Memphis)
    Office of the Registrar
    910 Madison Avenue, Suite 520
    Memphis, Tennessee 38163
    Phone: 901-448-5568
    Fax:     901-448-1017
  55. Review Erlanger Facilities for Medical Students (via Flickr)
  56. GME Policy 760 - Severe Weather Policy
  57. SASSI-Student Academic Support and Inclusion
  58. Specialty Interest Group Contacts
  59. UTC Student Health Services for UT Medical Students
  60. UTHSC Centerscope
  61. UTHSC Student Insurance Mental Health Providers List 8/2018 - United Healthcare Student Resources Plan
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