Resident Stories-Urology

My name is Hugh Smith and I am a Uro-1 here at UT Chattanooga. When I was interviewing for residency, the things that were most important to me were: being a part of a program where I would get plenty of operative experience, that I got along well with the residents and faculty, and that I would enjoy the city I lived in while I was a resident. When I came to Chattanooga, I immediately loved the city. It is a growing and vibrant place with a large volume of young professionals and social opportunities. It also has great outdoor activities and fun places to eat. So far my time here has been busy (as would be expected for residency…), but I have had incredible opportunities here that I believe are unique and worthwhile. I have been in the urology portion of my training for almost 2 months now, and I did more operative cases in the first month of my residency than I did in the whole first year of internship. My numbers for the first month were just over 100 cases. Volume is certainly not an issue here and getting numbers for graduation shouldn’t even cross your mind. Our faculty are fantastic teachers and will demand a lot from you, but will give you autonomy when you demonstrate your competence. I think you’ll find, as I did, that they are great to get along with as well. If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. UT Chattanooga Urology was the best place for me, and I feel excited and humbled to be a part of it.



Hugh A. Smith, M.D. URO-1




My name is Nate Jung and I am a URO-2 resident at UT Chattanooga. The Urology residency at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga is unique for many reasons.  The most striking reason is the sheer volume of surgical cases that each resident is exposed to.  I can safely say that the volume here is unlike anything I have seen or heard about before.  This volume is augmented by a pathological and surgical diversity.  The driving force for this diversity is the encatchment area around Chattanooga.  Even in my first year I participated in cases with diagnoses not previously described.  The cases here reflect the diversity in focus of our staff and have positioned me well to select any career path I want.  I embrace this diversity because breadth of training is as important as the depth.  Along with a sincere interest in the resident’s surgical/clinical development, our team supports the residents in many other aspects of professional development.  My research has been fully supported from the top down both financially and with research assistants.  Life (even in residency) is not just about professional development. From the warmth of my program coordinator to the beauty of the surrounding mountains, Chattanooga, and the Urology program here, have made me feel at home.  


Nate Jung, MD - URO-2



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