Clerkship & Elective Goals and Objectives

        EME3-3030/F JI Any – Emergency Care Medicine

FME3-3001/F Family Medicine Clerkship

FME3-3010/F Family Medicine Senior Clerkship

FME3-4010/F Advanced Family Medicine Preceptorship

IDE3-4040/F Capstone Course

MED3-3001/F Internal Medicine Clerkship

MED3-3002/F Required Medicine Senior Clerkship (Internal Medicine)

MED3-3003/F Required Senior Ambulatory Clerkship in Medicine

MED3-3010/F JI ANY – Senior Clerkship in Medicine

MED3-3031/F JI Any- Critical Care Medicine

MED3-4060/F Junior Fellowship in Cardiology

MED3-4070/F Endocrinology and Diabetes

MED3-4080/F Gastroenterology

MED3-4110/F Junior Fellowship in Infectious Diseases

MED3-4120/F Junior Fellowship in Nephrology

MED3-4131/F Pulmonary Medicine

MED3-4140/F Rheumatology

NEU3-3001/F Neurology Clerkship

NEU3-3010/F Senior Clerkship in Neurology

OBG3-3001/F OBGYN Clerkship

OBG3-3011/F JI in Obstetrics

OBG3-3021/F Gynecologic Oncology

OBG3-3022/F JI in Minimally-Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

OBG3-4011/F Senior Elective in OBGYN Outpatient Care

OBG3-4019/F Maternal Fetal Medicine Research and Intro to Research Design and Statistical Analysis

ORS3-4010/F Orthopaedic Surgery

PAT3-4010/F Pathology

PED3-3001/F Pediatrics Clerkship

PED3-3010/F JI Any – Sr. Clerkship in Pediatrics

PED3-4009/F Clinical Genetics

PED3-4010/F Pediatric Neurology

PED3-4030/F Pediatric Emergency Medicine

PED3-4031 PICU

PED3-4035/F Neonatology

PED3-4060/F Pediatric Cardiology

PED3-4070/F Pediatric Endocrinology

PED3-4080/F Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition

PED3-4100/F Pediatric Hematology

PED3-4130/F Pediatric Pulmonology

PSY3-3002/F Psychiatry Clerkship

PSY3-3010/F JI Any – Senior Clerkship in Adult Psychiatry

RAD3-4010/F Diagnostic Radiology

SUR3-3001/F Surgery Clerkship

SUR3-3002/F Required Surgery Specialties

SUR3-3010/F JI Any- Senior Clerkship in Surgery

SUR3-3030/F JI Any = Surgical Critical Care

SUR3-4010/F General Surgery

SUR3-4020/F Plastic Surgery

SUR3-4060/F Peripheral Vascular Surgery

SUR3-4061/F Thoracic Surgery

URO3-4010/F Urology Elective

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