FME3-4010 Goals & Objectives

Advanced Family Medicine Preceptorship




  • Identify the etiology, appropriate intervention, treatment, and possible complications of patients presenting with common problems in the clinical setting
  • Describe the advantage of an integrated and ongoing physician-patient relationship and the value of a centralized approach in an ambulatory setting to clinical case management
  • Explain the role of health assessment and health maintenance in primary care practice for the prevention of illness
  • Discuss the economic, medico-legal, and personnel issues typically encountered by family physicians







  • Medical students are assigned to a community family physician or to the UTFP office
  • Exposure to a variety of patients of all ages and conditions
  • Participate in identifying and managing common ambulatory problems
  • Discuss appropriate preventive health interventions
  • Evaluate quality and safety of care
  • Assess and remediate one’s own learning needs
  • Daily reading and completion of assigned tasks









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