FME3-3001 Goals & Objectives

Family Medicine Clerkship



The goal of the Family Medicine Clerkship is to teach the concept and practice of family-centered primary health care in the ambulatory, inpatient, and extended care settings in urban, rural, and/or inner-city populations.  Upon completing the clerkship, the student should be able to:

A.  Identify the etiology, appropriate intervention, treatment, and possible complications of patients presenting with common problems in the clinical setting;

B.   Describe the advantages of an integrated and ongoing physician-patient relationship and the value of a centralized approach in an ambulatory setting to clinical case management;

C.   Explain the role of health assessment and health maintenance in primary care practice for the prevention of illness;

D.  Discuss the economic, medico- legal, and personnel issues typically encountered by family physicians.

The clerkship accomplishes these objectives primarily through supervised clinical experiences.  In addition, the tasks include directed readings, didactic sessions, regular conferences with the preceptor, a student presentation, and the final examination.


At the end of this rotation each student should feel comfortable:


1.  Critically reviewing literature for implementation of evidence based medical practice.

2.  Reading an ECG and formulating a management plan for acute myocardial infarction.

3.  Interpreting radiographic studies of the chest and fractures, and formulating a differential diagnosis and appropriate management plan.

4.  Identifying and managing common ambulatory pediatric and adult problems.

5.  Discussing appropriate preventive health interventions.

  1. Assessing and treating sports injuries.
  2. Developing goals and objectives for presenting clinical topics in front of peers.




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