PED3-3010 Goals & Objectives

Senior Clerkship in Pediatrics


Goals & Objectives

Sub-Interns will be placed on the general pediatrics wards team.  Each ward team is structured with an attending, a senior resident, one or two interns, and third year medical students.  It will be expected that the sub-intern will fulfill the role of another intern as much as is possible.


Students will receive education and show progression in the following milestones:


  1. Perform accurate, detailed, and organized History and Physical
  2.  Organize and prioritize responsibilities to provide patient care that is safe, effective    and efficient
  3.  Provide transfer of care that ensures seamless transitions
  4.  Make informed diagnostic and therapeutic decisions that result in optimal clinical judgment
  5.  Develop and carry out management plans
  6. Locate, appraise and assimilate evidence from scientific studies related to their patients' health      problems
  7. Communicate effectively with patients, families and the public, as appropriate, across a broad range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds
  8. Show trustworthiness that makes colleagues feel secure when one is responsible for the care of      patients
  9. Coordinate patient care within the health care system relevant to their clinical specialty

  Students will complete the following responsibilities and expectations:


  1. Take on primary responsibility for the patient.
  2. Share information with patients and families, after discussion with the senior resident.  Attend to the patients’ and families’ emotional needs as well.
  3. Reassess the patient when assume care, and continually throughout the course of their illness.
  4. Follow-up and look further into the problem as the disease evolves, and especially when the illness is not progressing as would be expected.
  5. Learn how to be a “team player” with residents, attendings, nurses, ancillary staff and all others involved in patient care.
  6. Educate peers with weekly, brief (ie, 5 minute), didactic presentations to follow rounds.

 Students will complete the following ward duties


  1.  Attend morning sign-out rounds.
  2. Pre-round on all patients, including new admissions. Organize information from parents, patients, nursing, EMR, and physical exam into daily SOAP note.
  3. Attend all rounds on time, and present your patients to the team. During the sub-internship, the expecation is that you will no longer be a "Reporter," but rather an interpreter of the data, as well as a manager of the patient. This should be reflected in your presentations, with emphasis on the assessment and plan portions of the presentation. Update your plan daily! Take your own history, do your own exam, and develop your own differential and plan. Feel free to use the interns and residents as a resource.
  4. Write daily progress notes on all patients followed. Use SOAP fomat and organize your plan by either body systems or by problem (attendings may have a preference). Attendings will read and evaluate your notes.
  5. Return all pages and update senior resident regarding daily progress of the patient.
  6. Write all orders for each patient, to be cosigned by senior resident.
  7. During the workday, be available on the floors at all times you aren’t at an educational conference.  An admission can come at any time. Check with senior resident before leaving the floor.
  8. Serve as the primary caretaker and communicator for patients and their families. This means spending extra time with the families and patients doing education, discussing the case, and explaining the plan and expectations.
  9. Be a team player. Help other team members in caring for and evaluating patients. THere are always opportunities to learn.
  10. Ask for weekly feedback from your senior resident and your attending. This is particularly critical at the end of the first week of the rotaiton. 



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