ORS3-4010 Course Goals & Objectives





Provide exposure to general orthopaedics as well as orthopaedic sub-specialties.  The student will work as a member of the team and learn proper patient evaluation and care management.



Major objectives of the rotation:

Patient Care


  • Compassionate, effective management of responsibilities and promotion of health
  • Gather essential and accurate information
  • Work effectively with patients, families and other professionals


 Medical Knowledge


  • Demonstrate investigative and analytical thinking in problem solving


Practice-Based Learning and Improvement


  • Analyze practical experience
  • Locate evidence from scientific studies
  • Use information technology


 Interpersonal and Communication Skills


  • Maintain ethically sound relationships and communicate effectively with patient, family, and other members of the healthcare team




  • Demonstrate respect, integrity and responsiveness that supercede self-interest
  • Commitment to excellence and professional development and high ethical standards of confidentiality and sensitivity to patients regardless of culture, age, gender or disabilities


 Systems-based Practice


  • Demonstrate awareness of larger context of healthcare
  • Practice cost-effective care and resource allocation
  • Assist patients in dealing with system complexities
  • Partner with managers to coordinate and improve healthcare and system performance






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