UTHSC Student Academic Support Services and Inclusion (SASSI)



The mission of the UTHSC Office of Student Academic Support Services and Inclusion (SASSI) is to facilitate all students in becoming mastery learners through quality interactions, theory-driven strategies, and ongoing experiences. Through SASSI methods, resources, and techniques applied to curricula, the academic environment is enriched in order to impact learning and performance of self-directed students in the health sciences. SASSI services target accessibility, engagement, learning, prevention, and connection to promote a diverse and inclusive environment for all students.

SASSI has a primary goal of promoting student progress in the various programs offered by UTHSC. We provide a variety of services and resources to help enhance learning and student performance. SASSI services are available to all UTHSC students free of charge and consultations in SASSI are completely confidential.


Although the SASSI Office is located in Memphis, its staff is available for UT Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows via phone or SKYPE resources.  A SASSI Educational Specialist can help to develop personalized learning strategies and discern areas of strengths and weaknesses to enhance success.   Students can meet with the specialist online (SKYPE) or via phone during the hours of 8am-5pm CST, Monday-Friday. Appointments for Educational Coaching/Consultation, Disability Services, and Study Skills can be scheduled via phone (901) 448-5056 or email at sassi@uthsc.edu.  Residents or Fellows interested in pursuing these sessions may also contact the Director of GME (Pam Scott, Pam.Scott@erlanger.org) or GME Financial Specialist (Jacqueline Hogan, GME@erlanger.org) at (423) 778-3899.



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