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Emergency Medicine Elective

Pediatrics and Subspecialty Electives 

Family Medicine Electives   

Plastic Surgery Elective 

Internal Medicine and Subspecialty Electives 

Senior Clerkship in Adult Psychiatry Elective 


OB/GYN Elective 

Radiology Elective

Orthopaedic Elective 

Surgery and Subspecialty Electives 

Pathology Elective

Patient Safety/Quality Improvement Clerkship
(Longitudinal experience)

Urology Elective Other Electives



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Emergency Medicine Elective:
EME3-3030/F:  Junior Internship - Any - Emergency Care Medicine


Family Medicine Electives:

FME3-3010/F:  Junior Internship Any - Family Medicine Senior Clerkship

FME3-4010/F:  Advanced Family Medicine Preceptorship  


Internal Medicine Electives:

SPE3-3001/F:  Medicine Specialty Clerkship (only for students taking all rotations in Chattanooga)


MED3-3002/F:  Required Senior Medicine Clerkship 


MED3-3003/F:  Required Senior Ambulatory Clerkship - Medicine 


MED3-3010/F:  Junior Internship - Any - Senior Clerkship - Medicine (Other)


MED3-3031/F:  Junior Internship - Any - Critical Care


MED3-4060/F: Junior Fellowship in Cardiology 


MED3-4070/F:  Endocrinology and Diabetes


MED3-4080/F:  Gastroenterology


MED3-4110/F:  Junior Fellowship in Infectious Diseases 


MED3-4120/F:  Junior Fellowship in Nephrology 


MED3-4131/F:  Junior Internship - Any - Pulmonary Medicine


MED3-4140/F:  Rheumatology 



OB/GYN Electives:

 OBG3-3011/F: Junior Intership in Obstetrics


OBG3-3021/F: Gynecologic Oncology


OBG3-3022/F: JI in Minimally-Invasive Gynecologic Surgery


OBG3-4011/F: Senior Elective in OBGYN Outpatient Care


Orthopaedic Surgery Elective:

ORS3-4010/F:  Orthopaedic Surgery 



Pathology Electives:
PAT3-4010/F:  Pathology



Patient Safety/Quality Improvement:
PSQI-2002/F:  Patient Safety/Quality Improvement Clerkship (only for students taking all rotations in Chattanooga)



Pediatrics Electives:

PED3-3010/F:   Junior Internship - Any - Senior Clerkship in Pediatrics 

PED3-4009/F:   Clinical Genetics


PED3-4010/F:  Pediatric Neurology


PED3-4030/F:   Pediatric Emergency  Medicine 


PED3-4031/F:  PICU


PED3-4035/F:   Neonatology 


PED3-4060/F:   Pediatric Cardiology 


PED3-4070/F:   Pediatric Endocrinology 


PED3-4080/F:   Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 


PED3-4100/F:   Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 


PED3-4130/F:   Pediatric Pulmonology  


Psychiatry Elective:

PSY3-3010/F: JI Any - Senior Clerkship in Adult Pyschiatry


 Plastic Surgery Elective:
SUR3-4020/F:   Plastic Surgery 


Radiology Elective:
RAD3-4010/F:  Diagnostic Radiology - Currently, the Dept. of Radiology only accepts UT students for this rotation.


Surgery Electives:

SUR3-3002/F:  Required Surgery Specialties Clerkship (only for those students doing all rotations in Chattanooga)


SUR3-3010/F:   Junior Internship - Any - Senior Clerkship in Surgery 


SUR3-3030/F:   Junior Internship - Any - Surgical Critical Care 


SUR3-4010/F:   General Surgery 


SUR3-4060/F:   Peripheral Vascular Surgery 


SUR3-4061/F:   Thoracic Surgery


Urology Elective:

URO3-4010/F: Urology Elective


Other Electives:

IDE3-4020/F: Health System Leadership


IDE3-4040/F: Capstone Course


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