Handbook -- Medical Student Online

  1. Administrative Guidelines for Students 
  2. Application Process for Student Rotations
    a.  Eligibility Requirements for Student Rotations
    b.  How to Apply for Student Rotations
    c.   Visiting Student Application Form for non-allopathic or international students
    d.  Online application for an Orthopaedic Surgery medical student elective
  3. Debt Management Information (AAMC website)
  4. Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Policies and Procedures
    1. Erlanger Emergency Preparedness Overview 2013
    2. Erlanger Emergency Preparedness Smart Book Staff Edition
    3. Erlanger Emergency Phone List and Procedures
    4. Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute - Emergency Manual
  5. Exposure to Blood or Body Fluids (Procedure for Medical Students and UT PA Students)
  6. Lab Coats and Dress Code
  7. List of Student Electives Available in Chattanooga 
  8. List of LCME Accredited Medical Schools (AAMC website)
  9. Meals 
  10. Medical Student Role in Patient Care Areas 
  11. No Smoking and Damage Policy
  12. Pagers
  13. Phone Directory - Erlanger, UT, and Outside Agencies 
  14. Phones and Long Distance 
  15. Photo ID Badge (Erlanger Issued)
  16. Post Office Boxes and Mail 
  17. Protocol for Medical Student Blood/Body Fluid Exposures
  18. Public Relations Office and Information to the Public 
  19. UTC - The ARC (Aquatic and Recreation Center)
  20. University of Tennessee Guidelines for Visiting Medical Students 

Revised 1/2016

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