Family Medicine Stipends, Benefits, & Leave





Resident/Fellow Stipend Scale 2018 - 2019*


PGY Level

Annual Stipends
(includes Disability

and Life Offset**)

Monthly Gross
PGY-1 $ 52,380 $ 4,365
PGY-2 $ 54,180 $ 4,515
PGY-3 $ 55,800 $ 4,650


Revised 7/2018


*Includes $600 allowance for disability/life premiums (Tentatively approved by UT and Erlanger)


Click here to download Famiy Medicine Residency Program Guidelines 2018-2019




Call Quarters

Erlanger provides comfortable call quarters for residents and fellows within the hospital with snacks and drinks during evening hours in the call quarters lounge.


Resident Insurance Benefits

The Univeristy provides excellent group insurance plans beginning the first day of residency or fellowship training--

  • Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance
  • Life insurance ($100,000 benefit)
  • Long-term disability insurance (choose monthly benefit of $1500, $2500, $4000, or $5000)

Vacation and Leave

Per ACGME guidelines, each reident is allowed four weeks (20 working days) of time away from the academic program each academic year (July to June). Time away includes vacation, sick days, and personal days. Vacation may not me more than one week for any one-month rotation. Vacation is not allowed during the following rotations: 1) Any 2-week rotation; 2) Family Medicine Inpatient; 3) Inpatient Pediatrics; 4) Surgery. In order to assure all residents get their allotted vacation time, half of the residents' time away should be taken in each half of the academic year. Vacation days not taken do not carry over to the next academic year. A "Request for Time Away" form must be completed and turned in to the Residency Program Coordinator at least 3 months in advance as per below deadlines:

Date for vacation Deadline to submit request
July, 2018 April 15, 2018
August, 2018 May 15, 2018
September, 2018      June 15, 2018
October, 2018 July 15, 2018
November, 2018 August 15, 2018
December, 2018 September 15, 2018
January, 2019 October 15, 2018
February, 2019 November 15, 2018
March, 2019 December 15, 2018
April, 2019 January 15, 2019
May, 2019 February 15, 2019
June, 2019 March, 2019

Educational (Conference) Leave

The program permits up to one week educational conference leave each year. Funds are available from the department at the discretion of the Chair and Program Director. Reimbursement is subject to University of Tennessee Travel and Reimbursement Policies and Procedures.


Immunity from Professional Liability (i.e., Malpractice)

As employees of the State of Tennessee, residents are protected against suits for malpractice via the Tennessee Claims Commission Act. The State is self-insured so there is no insurance carrier; however, coverage is similar to what would be stated in coverage is similar to what would be stated in an insurance policy.


Reimbursement for Professional Development Expenses

Each program has some funding that may be used at the discretion of the Chair and Program Director for reimbursement toward professional developent (e.g., regional or national conference, textbooks, electronic CME materials, USMLE Step 3 fee, etc.), Amounts may vary by program and by level.


Other GME Benefits

  • Orientation stipend for incoming Residents and Fellows ($250)
  • Funding for meals at Erlanger, with evening snacks and drinks provided in the main Resident Call Lounge
  • Initial certifications at no charge (BLS, PALS, ACLS, ATLS, and ABLS.)
  • Alpha digital pagers provided by Erlanger at no charge
  • Covered parking (at no charge in the hospital parking garage)
  • White, monogrammed lab coats each year
  • Hepatitis B immunization and other required immunizations, annual TB skin testing, and flu vaccines at no charge
  • Web email accounts at no charge
  • Medical Library
  • 24 hour computer access for research and personal use
  • 24 hour access in Erlanger and access form anywhere outside the hosopital via Physician Portal, including electronic resources (e.g., Up-to-Date and Visicual DX)
  • Copying privileges at no charge in the Erlanger Medical Library
  • Access to all electronic databases via the UT Health Science Center Library (in Memphis) via the Internet and UT Net ID login
  • Funding available via departments toward presentations at regional and national conferences -- at the discretion of the Chair and Program Director
  • Local CME conferences and seminars spnosored by the University - at no charge to Residents and Fellows
  • Resident organization
  • Availability of on-site child care available at the hospital (Erlanger e-Kids) on a space available basis and at a discounted rate equivalent to Erlanger employees
  • Notary service at no charge
  • Resident Assistance Program for counseling, legal, and financial matters (ENI)
  • AIRS Program - Aid to Impaired Residents -- offers intervention and assistance to Residents and Fellows who admit impairment and comply with recommended treatment. Given compliance with treatment guidelines, every effort is made to allow a Resident or Fellow to continue and complete residency training and benefits.
  • Exercise room in Erlanger at no charge
  • AMA Introduction to the Practice of Medicine online modules at no charge
  • IHI Open School Patient Safety and Quality Improvement online modules at no charge
  • Workers Compensation coverage for work-related illness, accident, or expoisure
  • Free post office box at the Erlanger US Post Office
  • University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Aquatic and Recreation Center (ARC) -- membership available at a discounted fee of $150 per six months plus one-time $15 fee. Spouse membership also available at discounted rate of $75 per six months plus a one-time $15 fee

Updated 7/23/18


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