Pediatrics Call Schedule

The Pediatric Resident Call Schedule is described by rotation in the Pediatrics Residency Guidelines.  Most rotations have a nightfloat system, with call covered by the residents on electives for the weekend.  Currently instituted is an intern night shift system in compliance with the ACGME duty hour requirements. 

  • Seniors: night-float for 2 weeks during inpatient months, inpatient call averages 1-2 times per month on electives
  • 2nd years: night-float for 2 weeks during PICU months, inpatient call 2-3 times per month on inpatient months and PICU call averages 2 times per month on electives. 
  • Interns: one week of night-float durign inpatient months. 1 additional 24 hour call per month during inpatient months. During elective months, they are expected to cover 3-4 nursery or inpatient calls. 
  • Average of one day in seven off - more as 2nd and 3rd Year
  • Three weeks vacation annually (including time off during the Christmas-New Year's Season)
  • One week conference leave annually
  • Allowance of 21 sick days (3 weeks, including a weekend each week)
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