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June '15 Resident Awards


Gordon Myers, PL1: Rookie of the Year

All Pediatric residents voted on an intern who demonstrated teamwork , hardwork, and a great attitude. Congratulations, Gordon!!!


"Cathy Stevens Award" awarded to Stacie Hamley, PL2

Tim Thomas, MD, was a graduate of the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga Pediatrics program.

He went on do to fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology and currently works in Dallas,Texas.

He is providing a $2000 scholarship each year to a second year resident who is a go-getter, who always stays to see the last clinic patient, and the resident whom everyone enjoys working with.  The scholarship provides funds for the resident and family to attend a conference of their choice.  Congratulations, Stacie!!!


Teaching Award: Chad Ward, PL3

This award speaks for itself.  Congratulations, Chad!!!





June '14 Resident Awards


Julia Katsuura, PL1: Rookie of the Year

Congratulations, Julia!!!


"Cathy Stevens Award" awarded to Heather Gilliam, PL2

Congratulations, Heather!!!


Teaching Award: Neetu Bali, PL3

This award speaks for itself.  Congratulations Neetu!!!



Research Presentations


Neetu Bali, MD. "Esophageal Polyp in a Pediatric Patient with Eosinophilic Esophagitis." NASPGHAN 2012 Annual Conference


Jerry Walkup, MD and Kendra Simpson, MD. The Triglyceride/HDL-cholesterol ratio as a tool to predict Insulin Resistance in Obese Pediatric Patients, National Lipid Association Conference 2012 


Tarah Kuschel, MD. Development of a Rabbit Animal Model for Miniaturized Heart–Lung Machines, ASAIO Journal 2013


Tarah Kuschel, MD and Vanessa Pigg, MD.  Improving Patient Safety: The Triple Check, June 2013 QI presentation


Albert Chan, MD. Collagenous Gastritis in a young adolescent male. Poster presented at: NASPGHAN; Chicago, IL. 2013


Albert Chan, MD. "Severe hypertriglyceridemia secondary to antiretroviral drugsin an adolescent with hereditary pancreatitis". Poster presented at: National Lipid Association; Las Vegas, NV. 2013


Steven Allen, MD.  “First Case Of Pediatric Cat Scratch Disease Presenting With Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy And ‘B’ Symptoms, Mimicking Hodgkin Lymphoma”


Jerry Walkup, MD. "Profound Muscle Wasting as a Presentation of Hyperthyroidism in an Adolescent"


Jerry Walkup, MD.  "Plastic Bronchitis Presenting in a 6 year old with Pneumonia"


Tarah Kuschel, MD. "Ultrasonic Debridement of Deep Surgical Wound Infection and Mediastinitis After Sternotomy"


Zainab Kagen, MD. "Pediatric Diagnostic Conundrum Of Chronic Respiratory Symptoms",  American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Annual Meeting, 2014


Jonathan Mikail, MD. “Recurrent Mixed-Type Papillary And Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma In a Patient With DiGeorge Syndrome” Southern Region - American Federation for Medical Research - February 2014




Julia Katsuura, MD.  "Peripheral Blood microRNAs May Differentiate Bacterial From Viral Febrile Illness In Infants".  Annual Meeting for the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine - May 2014


 Graduating residents

Class of 2014 

(Patty Wolfe, Program Coordinator); Zainab Kagen, MD; Jerry Walkup, MD; Kendra Simpson, MD; Brian Wakefield, MD; Neetu Bali, MD; Steven Allen, MD Anna Rose Carlson, MD; Tom Barros, DO; Christy Ott, MD



 Public Enemy




Senior Residents on the floor, Neetu and Zainab, take a time out to go play in the snow! 

Snow at TC Thompson



Halloween is taken seriously by our pediatric residents!

2012-Harry Potter:

Harry Potter Halloween

2013-Super Heroes:


Residents enjoy spending time outdoors in Chattanooga.

White water rafting:

White Water Rafting - Pediatric Residents

Dragon Boat Racing:

Dragon Boat Racing

Rock Climbing:

Rock Climbing


Residents Brian and Steven (class of 2014) play a concert with their band, Test Dream.

Test Dream


Tarah (class of 2015), Merritt (class of 2013), and Vanessa (class of 2015) participate in a fundraiser to raise money for the UT Pediatrics Clinic.

Fundraiser for UT Pediatrics Clinic


Annual riverboat ride on the Tennessee River:

Annual Riverboat Cruise


The residents and their families take time to relax and have fun!

Fun with the Family


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