2015-2016 Research Week Timeline





Research proposals require SRC review. Submissions must be sent to Stacey Hendricks by 1/6/16 to be reviewed at the 1/13/16 meeting. (This is the last SRC meeting during which projects can receive approval.) An investigator must present at the meeting.

 *Please note:  If the project does not receive SRC approval at this time, there will not be another meeting prior to RRW submission deadline. 

Case reports do not require SRC review.


Research proposals and Case Reports must receive IRB approval no later than 1/27/16.

Week of 2/8/16

Submit a completed hard copy AND electronic Abstract Submission Form to department/program chair for approval and signature. Forms are located here


Department submits a completed/signed hard copy AND electronic copy of the Abstract Submission Form to Stacey.Hendricks@erlanger.org.

*Submissions are due 2/22/16 - no exceptions!


Blinded abstracts and score sheets distributed to the SRC. 


SRC members return scored abstract spreadsheet to Stacey Hendricks for tabulation.


SRC makes final selections.


Departments and presenters are notified about selections.


Poster presenters (or their representatives) meet in the POB Dining Room at 8:30 a.m. for information regarding scheduling, submissions, and awards.  

3/21/16 -

Presenters submit a Computer Graphics Request Form and a pdf file (saved from one of the PowerPoint template files) to the Erlanger Graphics Specialist that includes all text and images. The Specialist will print an electronic copy for proofing and will then print the final poster.  The proof and poster must be approved by the Department Chair or representative.  Each presenter should schedule an appointment with the Specialist to discuss needed changes, but we recommend that the pdf you submit is in its final form. 


Final proof approvals from authors/departments so printing can begin.


The Probasco Auditorium will be available to practice presentations. Please contact Liz Jones at 778-6956 to reserve a time.


Poster presentations will be scheduled for the morning. Oral presentations will be scheduled for the afternoon. An awards dinner will occur at the Walden Club in the evening. 

5/16 - 20/2016 Posters will be on display in the Erlanger Medical Mall Lobby all week. 



Revised 1/15/2016


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