Medical Student Online Handbook Erlanger Photo ID Badges


Contact:             Erlanger Employment Office
                           Ext #7434


Photo ID badges must be worn by medical students at Erlanger at all times.  The badges are issued just after their initial orientation in the GME Office.  The Employment Office is located on Hampton Street (pink building denoted by a "Human Resources - Employment" sign just up the sidewalk from the intersection of 3rd and Hampton Streets, behind the main buildings on Whitehall Building side of 3rd Street).   The ID badge identifies you as medical student as required by both UT and Erlanger policy.  Wearing your Photo ID badge is important in assuring patients, families and staff that you are, indeed, a medical student who is adequately prepared to take care of patients and is supervised by attending physicians.


Wearing your Photo ID badge is also a requirement to receive free meals in both the Erlanger Employee Cafeteria.


Revised 6/2008



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