Medical Student Online Handbook - Erlanger Blood/Body Fluid Exposures

  1. Ask the Head Nurse in the area where the exposure occurred to assist in completing an Erlanger Occurrence Report.

  2. Notify the Chief Resident of the service to which the Medical Student is assigned.

  3. The Medical Student should report to Erlanger Work Force (Employee Health) (located at the UT Family Practice Center, 1100 East Third Street) if the exposure occurs during Work Force hours (8 AM - 4 PM, Monday - Friday).  The Erlanger extension is 4800.  Bring a copy of the Erlanger Occurrence Report.

  4. If the Erlanger Work Force Office is closed, the Medical Student should notify the Erlanger Administrative Representative (called the A-1) at extension 6168.  The A-1 is authorized to order baseline testing on the source at no charge to the medical student nor the source patient.  Lab reports will be sent to the Work Force Office when completed.  The Medical Student should report to the Work Force Office at the next available time the office is open.  If the occurrence happens when the Work Force Office is open and the source is known to be HIV positive, the Medical Student may report to the Emergency Department if he or she desires to begin immediate AZT prophylaxis.

  5. Work Force or the A-1 Office will order baseline tests (HIV and HBSAB) on the Medical Student as well as the source patient at no charge to the individual or student.

  6. Recommendations for any additional follow-up will be given to the Medical Student by the Work Force personnel once all lab reports are reviewed.  The Medical Student will be responsible for any necessary follow-up.

  7. The Medical Student should notify the Medical Education Office as soon as he reports to Work Force.  If the exposure occurs after regular office hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM), the Medical Student should notify the A-1 (778-6168) immediately, and then the Medical Education Office on the next working day (778-7442).

Revised 6/2008

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