OBG3-3001/F Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship-CHATT

Clerkship Director:  Jeanie Dassow, MD (Jeanie.dassow@erlanger.org)  
Contact Information: Connie Land (connie.land@erlanger.org)


Location: Erlanger Health System

Orientation Location: Department of OB/GYN
Size:  4-6

Flexibility: None available

Deadline for Cancelation: Thirty days prior to start of elective

Overnight Call: Yes

Weekend Work: Two weekends during 8 week rotation

Blocks offered: All

Prerequisites: 3rd year medical student

Pre-Reading: None

Link: None


This is a face to face clinical rotation offered in the fall and spring and receiving 14 credit hours


From 2 to 6 students can be scheduled for the clerkship per eight-week block. The purpose of this core clerkship experience is to learn and understand the basic principles and practice of obstetrics and gynecology and develop a general understanding of women’s health.

Clerks will have two weekend call responsibilities during the rotation. Students are expected to attend rounds, conferences and lectures associated with the respective services. The rotation involves both inpatient and outpatient care of obstetrical and gynecologic patients, including assisting and/or performing related procedures such as deliveries, ultrasounds and office procedures as well as major gynecology cases.


During the clinic weeks, students work in both private and resident offices.  Assignment of grades is based on clinical performance (determined by evaluations from residents and staff) and scores on the written examination administered at the end of the rotation.  Each student will also give a short presentation to peers and the clerkship director.


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