EME3-3030/F Junior Internship Any - Emergency Medicine - CHATT



Course Coordinator: Dr. Jacob Hennings,  Medical Student Course Director 

Location:  Erlanger Adult Emergency Department

Size: 6


Note:  This JI is not available in Block 7



Medical students will have an exciting opportunity to learn about and help deliver care in the

initial presentation of a patient’s illness while being supervised by board-certified emergency

medicine faculty and senior emergency medicine residents. We are the first emergency

medicine program in the University of Tennessee; here at Chattanooga we are comfortable

mentoring students from all degrees of experience with our specialty. We believe the students

rotating in the their fourth year should gain the clinical knowledge necessary to function

comfortably as interns and beyond. To that end, we provide a learning environment with great

responsibility toward each patient with ample opportunity to perform advanced procedures,

develop complete care plans through disposition, and become more comfortable with specific

treatments and medication doses.


Thursday conference


Revised 1/2016

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