FME3-3010/F Junior Internship Any - Senior Clerkship in Family Medicine - CHATT

Clerkship Director:  Dr. Leslie Griffin (Assistant Professor)

Location:  Erlanger and the UT Family Practice Center in Chattanooga

Size:  1


NOTE:  All blocks available but requires approval of the clerkship director.


This internship offers students to function as junior interns by assuming substantial patient responsibility on an inpatient teaching service. The student will function as an intern with the responsibilities of admissions, histories, physicals, daily notes, treatment plans, and written orders to fulfill treatment plans.  The student will be directly or indirectly supervised by both resident and faculty based on demonstrated skills of the student and risk of the procedure/skill.  All conferences in the Department of Family Medicine are required (3-5 hours per week).


The Department of Family Medicine in Chattanooga utilizes the AAMC and ACGME work hour policies for student and resident schedules.


Students should expect to participate on night call activities to enhance their learning opportunities. 


Continuing medical education and life-long learning are emphasized by requiring students to ready daily and report on their reading.


Revised 2/2013

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