FME3-4010/F Advanced Family Medicine Preceptorship - CHATT


Location: UT Family Practice Center

Course Coordinator:   Dr. Leslie Griffin (Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine)

Size: 1


NOTE:  all blocks available but requires approval of the Clerkship Director


The primary purpose of this rotation is to allow senior medical students active participation in the care of patients in a comprehensive Family Medicine setting through selecting from a group of opportunities.  Students can expect to achieve the following objectives: (a) Improve skills in providing patient centered care; (b) Exposure to a variety of types of care provided by family physicians; and (c) Development of a better understanding of the scope of Family Medicine.


Available opportunities include: Hospital, Academic Office, Private Office, Nursing Home, Prenatal Clinic, Hospice, Addiction Treatment, and Primary Care of Disabled Persons.  Students will share in the clinical management and care of the assigned preceptor's patients. Student responsibilities include patient workups, histories, physical examinations, and review of laboratory and diagnostic data. The student will be expected to evaluate patients, develop a treatment plans, and precept the patient with the attending physician. The student will be directly supervised and guided through this process by members of the clinical faculty and approved preceptors.


Students should expect to participate on night call activities to enhance their learning opportunities.


Continuing medical education and life-long learning are emphasized by requiring students to read daily and report on their reading.


Revised 2/2013

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