Residency Leadership in the Department of Emergency Medicine



Sudave Mendiratta, MD

Doug Gregorie, MD

Dr. Jessica Whittle



Sudave Mendiratta, MD, FACEP

Program Director
Emergency Medicine Residency 



W. Doug Gregorie, MD, FACEP 

Associate Program Director
Emergency Medicine Residency 

Jessica Whittle, PhD, MD, FACEP


Director of Research


Dr. J. Hennings 



Benjamin C. Smith, MD, FACEP
Co-Director of Ultrasound Fellowship





Jacob Hennings, MD, FACEP

EMC Medical Student Director 







Clinical Faculty in Emergency Medicine

Ron Buchheit, MD Mark Copeland, MD Clint Christensen, MD

Ron Buchheit, MD

Director of EMS Fellowship

 Clint Christensen, MD  Mark Copeland, MD, FACEP
  Sara Connaughton, MD  Jocelyn DeGuzman, MD, FACEP   Robert Hamilton, MD, FACEP 
Amy Hess, MD Bernadette Helton, MD John-Ryan McAnnally, MD
Charles Meyer, MD  Steve Peterson, MD Brian Reuhland, MD
 Larry Stone, MD 

 Frank Tift, MD

Associate Program Director, EMS Fellowship

Dominick Tutera, MD 
David Wharton, MD, FACEP     
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