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Chattanooga, Hamilton County, and surrounding communities provide significant opportunities for Emergency Medicine residents to learn about emergency medical services (EMS) and EMS Systems. We also have an EMS Fellowship for one year of focused EMS training and experience beyond the EM Residency. Hamilton County EMS has several designated personnel to ensure residents receive substantial exposure and training in EMS.  


The goal of the EM Residency EMS Rotation is not to make an EMS Medical Director out of the resident, but rather to foster and appreciate the EMS environment and develop a working relationship with area EMS providers. 


EM Residents are encouraged to attend regional EMS meetings and teach at continuing educational programs held at services and at the regional level. Second-year residents spend a week riding along with local EMS crews, and third-year residents are expected to provide online medical control to units requesting orders by radio. Additionally, residents with a particular interest in EMS may choose to complete an elective in EMS with some of our EMS faculty or an elective in air medical services with LIFEFORCE.


The EMS Program Director is Ron Buchheit, MD. Working closely with him is Associate Program Director Frank TIft, MD, and Jocelyn DeGuzman, MD. 


For information about the EMS Fellowship, click here.


For more information about area EMS Resources, please visit: 

National Association of EMS Physicians


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