MED3-4120/F Junior Fellowsihp in Nephrology - CHATT

Course Coordinator:   Dr. Christopher Poole
 Location: Erlanger


Size: 2


The student will participate in the work-up and management of patients with renal disease as well as those with fluid and electrolyte disorders. The Erlanger Renal Service is particularly germane to the education of senior medical students since it provides exposure is to the complete spectrum of renal diseases. Prominent inclusions are acute glomerulonephritis, toxemia related to pregnancy, electrolyte disorders, and chronic renal failure from a wide variety of etiologies. Pathophysiology and its relationship to clinical medicine will be stressed throughout this elective. The student will attend daily Internal Medicine Residency conferences including a weekly renal conference. The student will be expected to participate actively in these renal conferences. The student will work directly under the supervision of an intern, a senior medical resident and the Director of Nephrology.

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