Medical Student Elective Catalog: PED3-4009/F Clinical Genetics - CHATT

Course Coordinator: Dr. Cathy A. Stevens (


Location: Children's Hospital at Erlanger
Size: 1



Student must check with Chief Resident to take this course, (423) 778-8018 or


Student will learn to obtain pertinent medical and family history, how to perform a dysmorphology examination, and draw a detailed pedigree. The student will become familiar with a variety of genetic disorders as well as the genetic implications of a wide range of birth defects. Some prenatal counseling for genetic disorders is also done. The student will learn how to approach examination of fetuses with birth defects and learn to calculate genetic risks of recurrence of various disorders. The student will have some responsibility for 20 to 30 patients per week by performing detailed medical and family histories, physical exams, drawing the pedigree. Every patient is seen with the attending physician. Students will attend morning report Monday through Thursday and Grand Rounds on Wednesday. No weekend duty is required.

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