Medical Student Elective Catalog: PED3-4010/F Pediatric Neurology - CHATT

Course Coordinator: Dr. David Suhrbier


Location: Children's Hospital at Erlanger
Size: 1


Note: Student must check with Chief Resident to take this course, (423) 778-8018 or


The objectives for this course are to learn the basic neurological exam of children and infants and the assessment of children with neurological conditions, including seizures, headaches, developmental delay and autism. Students will gain experience in the interpretation of EEG's, MRI's and CT scans. The opportunity will also be made available to see patients in a sleep clinic. Students will have exposure to 20 to 30 inpatients and outpatients per week. The student will perform the history and physical exam on both outpatients and inpatients. They will follow patients daily and write progress notes (under attending supervision). The student will attend 8:00 am morning report and Grand Rounds, Monday through Thursday. Attendance at other conferences (general pediatrics) may be suggested. There is no overnight call or weekends required.


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