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Our Residency program believes that curiosity is a character trait of all successful emergency physicians.  We believe research is the process of asking and answering questions. We focus on questions regarding the best ways to deliver care to our patients, the most effective ways to teach and learn as healthcare providers, and how to most efficiently work in teams. Every faculty member and resident is engaged in meaningful research – some are focused on quality projects, some on teaching projects, and some on traditional research.


Ongoing areas of interest include diagnostic applications of ultrasound, sepsis, applications of continuous wave-form capnographic monitoring, use of high velocity nasal insufflation, and optimal resource utilization for vulnerable patient populations. Additional areas of interest include research of adult learning techniques and development and participation of free open access educational material.


Resident Awards:


Dr. Michael Dumas and Dr. Stanton Elseroad – 2017 2nd Place Resident Research Award

Dr. Charles Meyer and Jeff Atherton, MS-4 – 2015 Southeastern Regional ACEP Resident Research Award

Dr. Charles Bevan – 2015 Resident Research Award




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ACEP Expert Panel on Sepsis Member

ACEP liaison to IDSA for Workgroup on Antibiotic Selection in Sepsis

Jessica Whittle, MD, PhD, FACEP


Ultrasound of the Week

Ben Smith, MD, FACEP


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