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Graduate Medical Education Fast Facts
2018 - 2019

  1. Residents and Fellows in the Statewide University of Tennessee Graduate Medical Education Program are considered student employees. 
  2.  As a student employee of The University of Tennessee, you will be paid by the University. The University is on a monthly payroll system. Residents and Fellows in the UT Graduate Medical Education Program participate in Social Security. Payday is the last working day of the month. Direct deposit is mandatory for all employees. You will need to complete a Direct Deposit in the GME Office before the end of June (may complete during University orientation). Please bring a blank check with VOID written across it to submit with the Direct Deposit form. You will need to select a bank or other financial institution (such as a bank or credit union) in which to deposit your checks.
  3. Since payday is the last working day of the month, you will receive your first UT paycheck on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.
  4. As a State of Tennessee student/employee, your professional liability coverage is provided by the Tennessee Claims Commission Act of 1985. The State is self-insured so there is not an insurance company or policy number. Coverage is similar to that of a malpractice policy, and the limits of award are $300,000 per claimant and $1,000,000 per incident.  
  5. Monogrammed white lab coats are distributed at orientation during the last week of June. Your  size and the way your name should read should have been included on one of the Onboarding documents.  If you are not sure of your size, you can try on a coat at a uniform shop or stop by our GME Office in Chattanooga and try on our sample coats in all sizes.  
  6. The Hospital provides mail boxes in the main hospital Post Office; however, some programs have boxes in their departments. Please check with your department regarding procedures for mail.  
  7. Health insurance coverage is not automatic, but Erlanger requires that you participate in the resident health insurance plan or be covered under another policy. The payroll deduction from your monthly check for the employee portion of your premiums will be as follows*:
    Individual $105
    Employee & Spouse $210
    Employee & Children $185 
    Family $290            **Please note these rates reflect the academic year 2017-2018 and are subject to change.
  8. Resident health insurance also provides dental and vision coverage. Representatives will be available to answer questions about insurance (health, dental, life, and disability) at a special session during orientation in Probasco Auditorium in the Erlanger Medical Mall.                                 
  9. Details about the required disability insurance, as well as applications,will be distributed at the orientation session with the insurance representatives.  
  10. Identification badges are made by the Erlanger Employment Office.  The badge denotes that you are a physician and UT Resident or Fellow. You must wear this photo I.D. at all times in the hospitals where you assigned.
  11. Our web site is located at Our GME and Erlanger policies are now located in folders in the New Innovations website, which can only be accessed with a secure login and password.  The login page is   
  12. The Office of General Counsel at UT Knoxville must be notified if you receive a subpoena. The phone number is (865) 974-6583. An attorney in the UT General Counsel's Office is assigned to Chattanooga residents and fellows (usually Josha Walker, Associate General Counsel).  
  13. You are required to receive a TB skin test every year. Incoming residents and fellows will have a TB skin test as part of the Erlanger employee health screening during June before beginning duty on July 1.  
  14. The UT required online training modules that include HIPAA, compliance, FERPA, sexual harassment, infection prevention, and sleep and fatigue education must be completed prior to being placed on payroll. 
  15. The CITI research course must be completed online prior to beginning residency or fellowship.
  16. The Statewide UT GME System utilizes a web-based software to manage most aspects of your residency training and demographic information. We maintain your biographical data, block schedules, call schedules, evaluations about you, evaluations completed by you, and duty hours tracking via this system, known as New Innovations Residency Management Suite. Incoming residents and fellows are sent a login and password as well as instructions for using various modules within the system soon after Match results are announced.  Some programs also utilize the system for tracking conference attendance and keeping track of scholarly activities. You will be able to log your own duty hours, complete your evaluations, view evaluations completed about you, and enter presentations, abstracts, research proposals, etc., as part of your research and scholarly activity file.

 Revised 9/2017

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