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UTC Student Health Services


UT Students needing medical care or treatment while rotating in Chattanooga should contact the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Student Health Services for an appointment, identifying themselves as a UTHSC medical student.  The phone # is 423.425.2266.  UTC and UTHSC have an agreement whereby UT medical students will not be charged for basic medical services provided by Student Health.  UTC Student Health Services is located across from the University Center (6421

East 5th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403) in the McClellan Gym building, Room 205.  It is on the opposite side of 5th Street from the 5th Street Parking Garage.  Student Health is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, and on Thursday's from 9 AM - 4:30

PM.  Click on this hyperlink to view information about UTC Student Health Services:


Visiting students and UT students may choose to seek medical care or treatment from our UT Family Practice Center at their own expense. For anyone electing to use the UTFP, the student will need to schedule an appointment, identifying themselves as a medical student and bringing a health insurance card to the appointment, since personal health insurance will be billed and any charge not covered by insurance will be the responsibility of the student.  The phone # is 423.778.UTFP

(8837).   If you have problems getting an appointment or do not get a phone call back, please contact

Sharron Skoretz, C-TAGME, Family Medicine Residency Coordinator, so she can assist. Call her at

423.778.2957 or email her at  Sharron.Skoretz@erlanger.org. Students may also choose to seek medical care from other providers in the area, but would need to determine physicians in-network for their individual health insurance providers.


*Please note that students should not seek treatment from a faculty member who might be supervising them as a student.


Student Assistance Program


UTHSC has contracted the services of the NexGen Student Assistance Program (SAP) to be available for UTHSC students. SAP is a confidential program that motivates students experiencing difficult personal situations to seek or accept professional assistance thus preventing personal concerns from undermining their well-being and academic performance.


SAP offers brief, short term, professional counseling for academic troubles, marital and family concerns, substance and alcohol abuse, stress, anxiety, and depression. It also identifies referrals for assistance with other problems encountered in daily living such as childcare and eldercare needs. The services of the SAP are confidential and are delivered by a professional organization by the name

of Eni. Eni provides personal consultation 24/7 for situations that can affect your well-being or academic performance. As a registered UTHSC student, you pay a small assessment for SAP services each semester. You will incur no additional out of pocket expenses and are entitled to be referred for up to 6 counseling sessions per year. Spouses and partners may also be included in the counseling sessions. Although you may opt for phone counseling, you will find that you have a convenient choice of eni's network of counselors located on or near campus or in any area of the U.S.


To call the Student Assistance Program call: 1.800.327.2255


Behavioral Health Services


Students also have behavioral health services through their student health insurance benefits (United Healthcare Student Resources.  For assistance in locating a provider, they should call the main member line 800-767-0700.


LifeBridge CHCMS Physician Well-Being Initiative


Through a new physician well-being initiative sponsored by the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society -- LifeBridge -- medical students are eligible for up to six visits with a counselor or behavioral health provider at no charge to the student.  To reach out, call the Confidential LifeBridge Line:

423-591-9830.  Visit the website for more information:  www.lifebridgechattanooga.org.


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