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Chattanooga - Best Town 2015Chattanooga is home to over 544,000 residents within the metropolitan area. Here you can  experience the big city amenities in a mid-size city.


Chattanooga is located at the junction of the Cumberland Plateau and the Southern Appalachians and within two to three hours driving distance of Nashville, Knoxville, Tennessee, Atlanta, and Birmingham.  The U.S. News and World Report named Chattanooga "one of the best cities in the world."  The New York Times has highlighted the charm of our city (including its nightlife and restaurants) several times. This area has become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure in a historic natural setting.  National Geographic labeled Chattanooga "The Regional Adventurer Climbing Capital." Chattanooga's nationally renowned rock climbing, bike riding, and whitewater rafting are just a few of the outdoor activities that led Outside magazine to twice name Chattanooga the "Best Town Ever" while Bicycling Magazine consistently ranks Chattanooga among "America's Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities."


Chattanooga BridgesChattanooga's downtown area has undergone major revitalization projects over the last two decades. This has brought us national and international recognition, and improved the community's quality of life. This transformation was accomplished through partnerships among individuals, governments, companies, and non-profit organizations. The city has launched a free electric shuttle to transport visitors throughout the downtown area, created an 11-mile riverwalk, and built the country's first GIG internet  (1GBps) with the use of a municipally-owned fiber optic network.


TN AquariumToday the city is known as a model for environmental stewardship and a business friendly environment. Local companies pride themselves in using environmentally friendly building materials. Longstanding firms like Chattem Drug and Unum have called Chattanooga home for decades. Now we are home to international companies such as Amazon and Volkswagen. 


We invite you to see why our spirit exemplifies all that Chattanooga Can Do. 

View from historic Lookout Mountain



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Several copyrighted photographs of Chattanooga scenes are used on our website with special permission from the photographer, Doug Barnette ( Others are from the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce and Chattanooga Visitors Bureau websites.


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