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Click here for 5/4/2020 Updated & Important Information about moving to Chattanooga, orientations, etc., for Incoming Residents & Fellows. 


We are so glad to welcome our new Residents and Fellows who will be joining The University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga GME Community and believe that you will enjoy living in Chattanooga.

Please click on the left-hand link to view the Tentative 2020 Orientation and Certification Schedules for Incoming Residents and Fellows (updated 05/09/2020).  This year, particularly due to the fluid and daily changing issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, our orientation and related activites may change so please refer back to this link frequently and check your email communication from our GME Department and your individual Coordinators.


Information on this page is being updated as we prepare for our 2020 New Residents & Fellows!  Orientation Schedules are being updated!
  Click here to view the 2020 Chattanooga Relocation Guide Click here to view the Official
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 Chattanooga Relocation Guide


2020 Chattanooga Visitors Guide


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CHANGE:  Photo ID Badge from Erlanger

Since the Erlanger Human Resources Buiilding on Riverside Drive is temporarily closed, we have changed the way we are handling Photo ID badges.


We have submitted the photos that all our incoming Residents/Fellows emailed to the GME Department.  Erlanger HR is in the process of finalizing the badges that include your photo, name, designation as a UT Resident or Fellow and your program name.  The badges include a backing that permits you access into and within the hospital as well as parking access.  The badges will be available in your departments at least by the last two days of June.



The UT College of Medicine Chattanooga
Resident/Fellow Stipend Scale for 2020-2021
(effective July 1, 2020)
Based on each trainee's level in the program (PGY 1 through 7) regardless of specialty


Base Annual
Annual Stipend w/Life
and Disability Offset*
Total Stipend
1 $ 52,956 $ 53,616 $ 4,468
2 $ 54,732 $ 55,392 $ 4,616
3 $ 56,460 $ 57,120 $ 4,760
4 $ 58,944 $ 59,604 $ 4,967
5 $ 61,164 $ 61,824 $ 5,152
6 $ 63,523 $ 64,188 $ 5,340
7 $ 65,904 $ 66,564 $ 5,547


*Life and Disability Offset per year is $660 (or $55 per month) 




2020-2021 Resident & Fellow Group Insurance Rates for
Health, Hospitalization, Vision, and Dental Insurance (CIGNA Insurance Plan):


Resident Health Insurance Resident Health Insurance
  Monthly Total Cost  Monthly Employee 
Employee Only  $     509.43   $ 100
Employee + Spouse   $  1,018.79   $  200
Employee+ Child(ren)  $     902.49  $  180
Family  $  1,413.56 $  280


Click here to view email addresses and phone #s for the Program Coordinators.



All incoming residents and fellows must:

  • Give permission for and pass a Criminal Background Check (online) through a third party company called the "Cora Croup."
  • Pass a drug screen, mask fit test, TB skin test, and immunization screening (including necessary titers and immunizations) performed by Erlanger Employee Health (called Work Force).  Male residents and fellows must be clean or close shaven in order that the respirator will be able to seal for the OSHA-required mask fit test which would be used in negative pressure patient rooms.
  • Document a physical exam conducted since January 2020, and have a health statement form stating that the resident/fellow is physically and mentally fit to begin duty in our residency program.  The form must be signed by a U.S. licensed physician.  If you do not have a primary care physician and cannot get the physical exam done prior to July 1, you will be able to contact
    WorkForce to schedule a physical exam earlier this upcoming Spring (at your own cost -- $55).

Southern BellePlease note that our House Staff had planned a Welcome Party aboard the Southern Belle Riverboat on Wednesday evening, June 24, 2020.


However, due to the dynamic COVID-19 pandemic, we ask your understanding that we have postponed the event.  We hope to reschedule in the Fall if conditions will permit.  We will keep you posted.






Other Key Points to Remember:

  • You will be an employee of the University of Tennessee and not our affiliated hospital, Erlanger.  Please be aware that your first official day of residency training will be Wednesday, July 1, 2020, unless you have already been given a later start date by your Program Director. 
  • Life suSunset Chattanoogapport certification -- Depending on your specialty, you will need to obtain BLS, ACLS, PALS, and/or ATLS certification before you officially begin your residency or fellowship on July 1. If you can obtain the required certifications prior to July 1 at your medical school or current training program, you will just need to send the GME Office a copy of your certification cards denoting dates of certification. 

  • If you cannot obtain certifications on your own, you will need to participate in online training for Part 1 of each course and then required Part 2 in-person sessions and skills tests in Chattanooga the last two weeks of June.

  • Again, click here to go the top of this page and then click on the left-hand links to view the tentative orientation schedules for certifications, orientation sessions, and EPIC training.   These may change so please refer back to this page and links frequently.  Also check your email communication from our GME Department and your individual Coordinators.

We are looking forward to working with you as you enter this next chapter in your graduate medical education training.  


Pamela D. Scott, C-TAGME (Pam)

Director, Graduate and Medical Student Education  

pscott1@uthsc.edu, 423.778.7442


Kimberly Judd, GME Lead Coordinator
Kimberly.Judd@erlanger.org  423.778.3894


Jacqueline Hogan, GME Financial Specialist

Jacqueline.Hogan@erlanger.org  423.778.3899


Courtney Orloski, Medical Student Services Specialist

Courtney.Orloski@erlanger.org   423.778.7442


Updated 06/01/2020

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