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Graphic Services - Photography, Audiovisuals and Computer Graphics

The University provides excellent, state-of-the art graphic and audiovisual services for medical students, residents, and faculty.


John Stroud, Computer Graphic Training Specialist, provides assistance for computer generated slide presentations in PowerPoint; digital/full-color scanning of slides, photographs, graphs, x-rays, scans, etc.; as well as copy stand photography; research poster presentations; and brochure layout.    Each of the residency programs offices has the software available for the computer-generated slides; however, Mr. Stroud is also available for guidance to enhance your educational presentations whether for live lectures or publication submission.  The computer graphics equipment supports IBM compatible software for production of professional quality teaching slides or computer-driven presentations (e.g., Office 2000 and Microsoft PowerPoint).  Mr. Stroud also has the technology to prepare professional quality poster presentations using Quark, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.  Mr. Stroud is located on the 1st Floor of the Whitehall Building, just across the street from Erlanger, in Suite 102, the same suite as the Business Office.  He can be reached by phone (778-7815) or by email at:  and his office hours are 7 AM - 3 PM, Monday - Friday.


Click here to access on online pdf form to request Computer Graphics services from John Stroud to create/prepare a poster for regional and/or national presentations.  You should submit a PowerPoint file or materials in final format, with approval from your Program Director with the completed form.  You must have an IRB # or exemption for any materials, case report, or research project that involves patients and is being presented outside your department or the institution.


Standard photography and AV equipment services are available via the Audiovisual Office located in the Erlanger Medical Center complex. This office is staffed by two individuals (Paul Twomey and Mike Morgan) and they can provide services such as medical photography of patients, equipment, and pathology slides, as well as audio and video tape production or reproduction and equipment. Prints as well as slides of these subjects can be provided to faculty, residents, and medical students.  The AV Office is located on the 2nd floor of Erlanger, just off the E Elevator and directly above the Erlanger Post Office.  The phone extensions are 778-4183 or 778-4199.  Mr. Twomey's email address is:  Mr. Morgan's email address is


The University does not charge faculty, residents, nor medical students for these graphics or AV services if done in conjunction with our educational programs.

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