Contact the Office of CME


University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga


Phone: (423) 778-6884    

Address:   Office of Continuing Medical Education

UT College of Medicine

960 East Third Street, suite 104

Chattanooga, TN, 37403



Primary Contacts:


  Robert Fore, EdD

Robert Fore, EdD, FACEHP, CHCP

Associate Dean for CME, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Designated Institutional Official for ACGME

(423) 778-3896



  Bill Reynolds, MBA

Bill Reynolds, MBA

Director Statewide, Offices of Continuing Medical Education 

(423) 778-3897



  Katherine Mimms

Katherine Mimms

Administrative Assistant

(423) 778-6884



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If you want to have a CME credit certificate re-issued, fill out our CME Credit Certificate Reissue form.




Contact Information for other UTCOM campuses:

UT College of Medicine Knoxville campus, Office of CME

UT College of Medicine Memphis campus, Office of



UT College of Medicine Chattanooga     960 East Third Street, Suite 100     Chattanooga, TN 37403     (800)947-7823, ext 6956

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