Annual Research Day


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and our institution's Declaration of a
Stage 3 Pandemic Emergency Status, we have decided to cancel our
2020 Annual Research Day.  Hopefully we can reschedule or resume
during the 2020-2021 academic year.


In 1983, the University and Erlanger sponsored the first interdepartmental event to highlight research activities at the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga: Resident Research Day. Residents were provided the opportunity to present research papers or scholarly case reports to other residents, faculty, and hospital staff. Plaques and cash awards were given in categories including Best Research Paper and Best Case Report. This event has been conducted annually since 1983 and, in 1998, was expanded to an entire week and included a poster exhibit as well as final oral presentations and awards. In 2004, the event was expanded to include a poster from one of our medical students rotating from Memphis.  The Annual Research Day Awards are named in honor of the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga's first Associate Dean, Robert C. Coddington, MD.  This endeavor has encouraged and fostered research efforts to expand research on our campus, particularly clinical research.


Giuseppe Pizzorno, PhD, PharmD, was recruited to the Chattanooga Campus and named the first Associate Dean for Research in May 2018.  He has announced that we will resume the Annual Research Day presentations on April 24, 2020.  Each Department/Program will select its two most representative projects for oral presentations.  The 2020 event will not include case reports -- only research projects.    In addition, two medical students will be selected to present their research work.  We anticipate up to 20 presentations throughout the day.


Timeline and Guidelines for our 2020 Annual Research Day:

  • Research projects involving human subjects must have SRC and Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.  The deadline for IRB submission is Oct 31, 2019. 
  • Each Department/Progam should select the two most representative research projects.  The Program Director and/or Chair of the Department must notify Dr. Pizzorno ( by March 31, 2020 to be included for the 2020 Annual Research Day. 
  • Abstract Guidelines and Format
    • Each project must submit a written abstract which addresses scientific questions, details clinical observations, or contains primary scientific data.
    • The entire body of the abstract, excluding tables, must not exceed 3,500 characters.  Spaces are not included in this number.  Title, authors' names, affiliations, and tables are not included in the character count.  The abstract must be structured in sections (i.e., Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions, etc.).
  • Oral slide presentations will be given on April 24, 2020.  Each presentation will have a total of 10 minutes alloted for its speaker(s).  Presenters should plan to speak for 8 minutes and leave 2 minutes for questions.  They should show no more than 1 slide per minute of speaking time.  This means approximately 8 - 10 slides MAXIMUM for the 8 minutes presentation.  The last 2 minutes of the presentation are for questions from the audience and judges.  The letter on the presented slides should be LARGE ENOUGH with a suggested minimum font of 14 and with no more than 12 lines of test or 4 curves on any one slide.  In addition to the body of the talk, the presentation should include an introduction and a summary or conclusion slide.
  • The location for the event will be announced soon.
  • Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the Annual Research Day event.
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