Chattanooga Downtown & Waterfront

Chattanooga's Downtown and Waterfront district has nearly 50,000 acres of water and 1,000 miles of shoreline.   In May 2005, a month-long celebration was held to highlight the completion of our 21st Century Waterfront Development - a $120 Million redevelopment of the Chattanooga waterfront and downtown area. 


One of the highlights was the dedication of "The Passage," a new pedestrian link between the Aquarium and the Tennessee River.  The Passage is located on the Trail of Tears at Ross's Landing, the city's original settlement, named for the great Cherokee Chief John Ross.  "The Passage is not a token nod to the past.  It is a massive tribute - in the very cradle of our city -- to the culture, the art and the accomplishments of the original citizens of Chattanooga. The Passage represents our passage into a new era and underscores the premise that a community can begin to atone for and reclaim the past by embracing it... The Passage is a centerpiece of our city's connection to the Tennessee River... It is more than artwork, it is a fitting tribute celebrating the tremendous influence and contribution the Cherokee people have had in shaping Chattanooga's heritage and culture." 


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