Medical Student Administrative Guidelines


Regardless of your rotation assignment, your administrative contacts while a medical student in Chattanooga are:  Courtney Orloski, Medical Student Services Specialist, and Pamela Scott, Director of Graduate and Medical Student Education.  Both Ms. Orloski and Ms. Scott can be reached within Erlanger via extension 7442 (423-778-7442 from your cell phone).  The Office of Graduate and Medical Student Education is located on the first floor of the Whitehall Building, just across from the main hospital, Erlanger, in Suite 104, just across from the elevators.  If someone needs to reach a medical student by phone during a rotation in the hospital, they should call the hospital operators at 423-778-7000, explain to the operator that they need to speak with a medical student, and then ask that the student be paged to the phone.


Erlanger Procedures
Students must complete a Biographical Information Form prior to the first day of their rotation and orientation day. Each student is assigned a hospital pager and will be responsible for replacement cost (currently $99.00) if the pager is lost or damaged.  Each student will be issued a photo ID badge from the Erlanger Human Resources Office and must wear the Erlanger photo ID badge throughout the rotation.  A $5.00 replacement fee will be charged for lost ID badges.  Students will be issued Erlanger parking placards and a security access card to allow access to various secure areas in the hospital, including the Medical Library.  Each student will be issued a Login and Security Password for the Erlanger hospital computer system (for patient care information).  Each student can elect to be issued a mailbox and key for the Erlanger Post Office.  The mailing address for students is:


John Doe, Medical Student
Erlanger Health System
975 East Third Street
Chattanooga, TN  37403


Students may use the Erlanger Employee Fitness Room (2nd Floor, Erlanger Medical Mall via Elevator A).  The room has various exercise equipment and is accessible by a special code given to students at Orientation.


UT medical students who have paid their student activities fees can use the local UTC facilities (nearby undergraduate campus) which include an indoor pool, eight lighted tennis courts, two indoor tennis courts, six modern racquetball courts, a library, a gymnasium, and bookstores.  For information concerning how UT medical students can utilize these facilities, please contact the UTC staff  (Carol Oglesby) at 423-425-4064 once you have begun your rotation.


The Medical Library is located on the 3rd Floor of the Whitehall Building.  The Library phone # is (423) 778-4798, and it is staffed M - F, 8 AM through 4 PM.   


Medical Care During a Rotation in Chattanooga

UT Students needing medical care or treatment while rotating in Chattanooga should contact the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Student Health Services for an appointment, identifying themselves as a UTHSC medical student.  The phone # is 423.425.2266.  UTC and UTHSC have an agreement whereby UT medical students will not be charged for basic medical services provided by Student Health.


Visiting students and UT students may choose to seek medical care or treatment from our UT Family Practice Center at their own expense. For anyone electing to use the UTFP, the student will need to schedule an appointment, identifying themselves as a medical student and bringing a health insurance card to the appointment, since personal health insurance will be billed and any charge not covered by insurance will be the responsibility of the student.  The phone # is 423.778.UTFP (8837).   If you have problems getting an appointment or do not get a phone call back, please contact Sharron Skoretz, C-TAGME, Family Medicine Residency Coordinator, so she can assist. Students may also choose to seek medical care from other providers in the area, but would need to determine physicians in network for their individual health insurance providers.


Other Information
Medical students are issued meal cards with limited funding up to $60 per four-week block for meals and drinks in the Erlanger Employee Cafeteria (Crossroads). The cafeteria is located midway between the Red Cross Information Desk and the Post Office on the 1st floor of Erlanger and is open between 6:30 AM and 1 AM daily.  Students should remember to wear their Erlanger issued Photo ID badge and use the white swipe card issued to them at the beginning of the rotation.  Snacks are also available in the main Resident Lounge area (East Wing 7) at Erlanger after 5:30 each day.


Medical student call rooms are available in Erlanger Medical Mall (Elevator B) on the 10th Floor.  The area has a small lounge/kitchen, and the area is shared with the CRNA students.  You are given a keycode to access the call area and lounge at Orientation.   Call rooms are to be used for call purposes only and are to be shared among all students assigned to the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga.  Students are asked to sign in and out of the call rooms on the marker board in the hallway outside the call rooms so that we will be aware of which rooms are occupied.  Lockers are provided for students in a large room at the entrance to the call area. You will need to provide your own individual lock and take it with you when you leave the Chattanooga campus.   The area has two bathrooms for use by medical students and CRNA student.  Male and female shower areas are provided in the main hospital, 2nd floor, near the Surgery Administrative Services Office (near the L & M elevators).  This area is marked on the entrance doors.  Lockers are also available in the shower areas so you can store your personal items while showering.


Medical students may get scrubs from ScrubX Machines in a specified location of the hospital using their Erlanger issued pin code.  As scrubs are taken from the machines, they must be returned to the machines before more are issued.  As part of the exit/clearance process, students must have returned all issued scrubs or pay $20 per scrub set.


In-house calls at Erlanger can be made by dialing the last four digits of the Erlanger phone #.


Outside local calls can be made by dialing 199 from any Erlanger phone and then the local #.  For example, 19-634-1900 (Hayden Place Apartment Office).


Long distance calls pertaining to medical student matters can be made from your department office or the Office of Medical Education (first floor, Whitehall Building, Suite 104 just off the elevator).


Students are responsible for keeping up with pagers once they are assigned.  Students will have alpha/digital pagers that will be accessible via the hospital wireless paging system.  If students have problems with their pagers (Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM, come to the Office of Medical Education and you will be issued a replacement.  After hours or on weekends, call the Erlanger Communications Office at 778-2077 and follow the directions for obtaining a replacement pager.  If your pager battery is getting weak, you will see a "LO CELL" message on your pager.  The Office of Medical Education keeps batteries; however, we recommend that you keep your own supply of AA batteries for the pager.


Prior to leaving the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga, you will be sent an evaluation form and clearance form that should be completed and returned to the Office of Medical Education.  Photo ID Badge, pager, meal card etc., must be returned.  Students must return these items and forms in order to have grades forwarded to their medical schools.


If students have any questions, they should call Ms. Orloski or Ms. Scott at 423-778-7442 (extension 7442 within the hospital), or stop by the Office of Medical Education, Suite 104 in the Whitehall Building, directly across the street from the hospital.


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